Friday, 23 September 2011

Attn: Metalheads My Friend's Band Made a CD

So one day while I was working at Axe, I was walking down the hall beside the teacher's rooms and out of one of the rooms came this really cool sound.  It was like several guitars going at once, some functioning as percussion, others having a really tasty rhythm part and then there was a really great lead part.  It was amazing. So I stopped in to take a look and it turned out that there was just one guy with a boss loop pedal and his guitar.  WOW!  It made me want to go and buy one right then and there (I never did though).  Anyway the guy working the wizardry was named Warren and he was working there as a guitar teacher.  During my time there I had the opportunity a few times to listen to his work and I must say, I quite enjoyed it.  Then I moved away.  A few days ago Warren contacted me on Facebook and told me that his band made a CD and that it streams free on the Internet, so I checked it out.  I really enjoyed what I heard and many of you metalheads will probably like it as well.  So HERE is the link to where his CD streams online and on that same website, you can donate whatever you think the CD is worth and download it so that you can have it forever and ever. Enjoy Kids!

*note Interlude I is more grandparent friendly than Deceit of Concience (no yelling in the interlude)

PS. The band's name is Alterity.  It seems that most people now a days seem to have a really hard time coming up with cool band names but I like this one. 
Here's aother tasty taste.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

4 Year Old Wisdom

One day this past week I was talking to my little sister and she mentioned this video on youtube that she thought was just great.  In it, a little boy who just figured out how to ride a bike gives us a motivational speech.  It is truly one of the greatest videos on youtube right now I think... So if you are feeling discouraged because your guitar playing has reached a plane and you just can't seem to improve at the rate that you want, or if you think that your piano pieces or bass chops or whatever need improvement, just listen to this guy.  He'll tell you what's up and remember, Thumbs Up Everybody, For Rock n Roll!

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