Friday, 8 July 2011

Guitar Backing Tracks

I recently was asked to play guitar with a group that will be doing a show consisting of a bunch of classic rock songs.   Wahoo!  I Love classic rock!  Anyway, I got the list and listened to the songs and started picking out the guitar parts and learning them.  One of my favourite songs on the list, twilight zone, reminds me of times when I was 3 or 4 years old thrashing about in the living room armed with an air guitar.  Aahh... Good times.  
Now this may seem completely unrelated, but while I was working at Axe Music, I remember going downstairs where the PA equipment was and listening to Rob, (the PA guy and steller guitarist) who had his guitar plugged into an old Spider II amp, playing along to loops on a website called  Rob is one of the best guitarists that I know and I asked him how he got so good at improvising solos and he told me, to find a loop, and create solos over it.  Cool.  So I started to look around on that website and began to use some of the loops.  Not only was this site filled with loops without the guitar track, but there were songs re-recorded and posted for my practicing pleasure! 
Now back to the first topic: Twilight Zone.  I was on the internet the other day and thought to myself "its a few weeks before the band gets together for some rehearsal time and I would like to know if my guitar add-ins would sound good.  I wonder if guitarbackingtrack has Twilight Zone".  So I looked and they did!  A pretty good version too!  Now I can play 80's rock to my heart's content!  
Seriously though, is a great resource and I wish that I had had it when I was just beginning.  

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