Thursday, 5 January 2012

Brian May built a guitar too!

A while ago I built a guitar and I was so proud of myself that I posted all about it.  Now the other day, a buddy of mine posted this video on his wall on Facebook and I just have to share it with you.  It turns out that I'm not the only person who has built a guitar and documented it.  I already knew that Brian May (guitar player for Queen) was involved in guitar building because he has written a forward in my 'how to build a guitar' book, but I didn't know that it was his first guitar.  It's nice to have it all laid out nicely in short-video form too.  So I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Click HERE  for the video.

its on which is a fine way to waste a day so after you are done watching this video, click 'random video' near the top of the page and enjoy!  Its like someone took only the best videos from youtube and made a website about it!

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