Friday, 13 May 2011

And that's what its all about...

These posts will be the mad mutterings and musings of a music student.  In this blog it can be expected that a number of topics will be addressed but mainly focusing on music and musical instruments; primarily the guitar and the piano.  Don't be surprised if blogs about video games, biking and geocaching or other nerdy but universally enjoyable pass-times pop up in blogs from time to time.   Friendly discussion is welcome and appreciated!

Now... a little about myself.  My name is Jake.  I just finished my first year at a university in Canada in a music program.  At first I thought that I wanted to teach music at a high school level but soon realized that I don't have the patience for the willfully ignorant (and God bless those who do), and their meddling parents.  So I decided to peruse a career in musical education at a college or a university.  This course of action demands a higher level of education than that of a Bachelor's degree so here I sit looking down a long tunnel of schooling and not being quite able to see the light at the end.  I am primarily a piano player and this is the instrument that I am taking through university.  I also love to play the guitar.  I am fascinated and bewildered by and in awe of anyone who has made themselves a master of their instrument.  I also love the construction of instruments and all the details that go into it.  I have actually built a guitar (which I Love) and have worked on hundreds upon hundreds of them as a tech at a music store.

Thats what its all about really... I am open to address questions about building guitars or any of the above topics on which I have a limited expertise and who knows! some of the questions here may turn into full blown blog posts!  Enjoy!

Now to announce the creation of this blog to those who probably care the least:  My Facebook Friends!
(it should be noted that not all of my facebook "friends" will not care - I'm sure that Grandma does)

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