Monday, 30 May 2011

The Art of Excellence

So, today, I decided to flick on the much music channel (similar to MTV in the States), and I tried to get into the music that was playing on that channel.  I was very disappointed with what I heard.  I can't believe some of the stuff that passes for music now a days and I guess that society must buy into it since it somehow finds the funds to continue to be (re)produced.  Its actually quite depressing.  The music that is fed to the masses is a sorry excuse for art.  So, after sulking and whining to myself, I changed the channel to the comedy channel and experienced a similar dissapointment.  While some of it was funny, mostly it was tasteless and unoriginal.  It was like when you were on the playground in elementary school and you said a 'dirty word' and all the other kids giggled, just geared at people who are older than 6 or 7.  What ever happened to the creative comedian?  I like to have to know something in order to get a joke rather than just chuckle at the discomfort produced by derogatory comments! What happened to the musicians who were proficient in an instrument (voice or otherwise)?  I'm not saying that all new music and comedy are no good but I have no use for the majority of it.  Personally,  I'll take the Bill Cosby, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin and other of the time tested greats over the new 'entertainment'.  Why do you think that we still hear bands like Pink Floyd on the radio?  I think that it is because there isn't much new great media.
Maybe I'm just being too closed minded or perhaps there is a plethora of new good music that is just evading me.  Maybe I'm just an old fart set in my ways. Or maybe, I'm just hooked on excellence which is in and of itself, a dying art.
Comment and call it how you see it.


  1. You are Bang on Jacob, What goes for music, generally Bites big time.
    No original Intuitive/ In To It ... Stuff, Just relentless Miestering of Every one else's Shtick, Don't forget the AutoTune.
    Music is not composed with an instrument, but with a Software program and the trusty Mac.
    BTW. When was the last time you went to a party, and jammed with all your bodies on your Laptop,
    hard to play, but easy to tune. Give me a Guitar, Piano, anything that requires a little MUSICAL TALENT to play, and I Be Smilin Mon!

  2. Thanks Kelly! Ha ha yea i agree but i think that computer jamming is called video games but you're right about that! Anyway I actually went and jammed with people today who used actual instruments (bass drums and myself on the guitar along with a vocalist who didn't need auto tune or any other type of pitch correction) and with minimal effects (i had a chorus and a delay) and I just had a blast! Next time you're through my neck of the woods, let me know and we'll party eh?


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