Wednesday, 18 May 2011

"Guitar Hero" VS Guitar Heroes?

I remember when the video game Guitar Hero came out a few years go.  I was walking through a store and there was a kid playing the guitar hero demo game and he thought he was so awesome.  I remember I felt some hostility towards that kid, and all of the kids who thought they were so cool because they could play these songs in this stupid video game, that I could play in real life!  A couple of years later, I got a wii which came with guitar hero.  I decided to give it a shot and actually liked it even though I was terrible at it.  My playing style has since changed so that now my wife plays and I just play along with the songs on my guitar.

So the questions are:
1. Are all guitar players terrible at guitar hero?
2. Do guitarists generally hate guitar hero and why (or why not)?
3. Generally do guitar players soften up to guitar hero after they play?

Since that time I have noticed that some techie stores like Best Buy and Future Shop now sell real guitars, and amps etc... I blame Guitar Hero. Who do you blame?


  1. While the actual basic gameplay of the guitar hero franchise doesn't necessarily translate into great guitar playing (and vice versa), it does create a great introduction to music for lots of people who wouldn't normally be exposed. It teaches them the very (very) basics of guitar play (ie basic fingerpicking and chords, timing, and coordination). However, the rock band franchise recently released something that you may like more called Rock Band Pro or something like that. The difference is that you play on a guitar that has six strings, i think, and requires actual chords and fingerings. Something to think about.

  2. Seeing as i am neither a guitar player or a guitar hero player my comments my be futile, but i would have to say that the game does not translate into future rock stars and neither does being a guitarist. So if you are having fun and spending time with friends and family doing either then its still a good thing in my books. (Except when its super load at 2am)

  3. Travis,

    I think that I'll have to agree with you. I have worked in music stores forever and since the video game Guitar Hero, I have noticed that many more kids are deciding to pick up the instrument. They are getting younger and better (either that or I'm just getting older and worse!).


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