Friday, 17 June 2011

Recording at home eh?

Long ago I was sitting with my friend Dan in the computer lab at our high school and we were looking at boss guitar pedals online.  As I was looking at some of the pedals that I was sure that I needed to have in my guitar arsenal, I stumbled across something that I needed more than any of the other wondrous toys on that site... The Glorious BR 8.  I was sure that if I could acquire one of these units,  I would begin to revolutionize music as we know it.  Well, I never did get the money and eventually I got a computer that came stock with Garage Band.  After a few hours of exploring the program, I found out that it was just as, if not more, capable of recording my music than the BR8.  What Luck!  This program also had some capabilities not available with the early BR 8.  Now what have I done with this great resource?  Almost nothing.  This powerful software is at my fingertips and I don't even really use it.  I have all kinds of great guitar riffs and partial songs floating around in my mind that resurface whenever I play, but they never seem to make it onto my hard drive despite the relative ease of recording.  Who has a similar story?  If you have something home recorded already, post a link or the file if you can, and I'd be glad to hear it.  Maybe your home made efforts will inspire me to get off of my butt!

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  1. Yes same problem all the parts of songs but nothing complete the room recorders are decent and what I have the most experience I. All in all I want to record some muzak


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