Saturday, 4 June 2011

Jamming Synergy... its a fact

So the other day I got a call from someone in town here who wanted to put on a talent show and needed some musicians.  I was told that there was already a bass player and a drummer and that I would play guitar.  I had a rehearsal a couple of days later and really had a blast!  I used my little 5 Watt BlackStar mini stack and it worked out really well for the kind of stuff we were doing (I wouldn't recommend using one of those little amps for hard rock or metal but for the soft rock we were doing, it was just fine).   It brought back memories of high school bands that I was involved in.  There is something great about collaborating with other musicians and creating something that is fun to play and listen to.  So, All you basement musicians, go find a friend who plays, and get together and get started!  It is AWESOME.  I find that the end result is always more than the parts that make it.

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